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The 2010 Captains Log is under development. More details will be added later.

The summary for 2010 through September is:


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Captain's Log from January, 2010

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Captains Log February, 2010

The February log is under development.


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Captains Log March, 2010

Cascarilla bark


Captains Log


This will contain the entries for March, 2010


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Captains Log April, 2010

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Captains Log

Thursday, April 01, 2010

This will contain the entries for April, 2010


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Captains Log May, 2010

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Captains Log

Thursday, May 01, 2010

This will contain the entries for May, 2010


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Captains Log June, 2010

Captains Log

Sunday, June 1, 2010

This will contain the entries for June, 2010


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Captains Log July, 2010

Captains Log

Thursday, July 1, 2010

This will contain the entries for July, 2010


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Captains Log August, 2010

Captains Log

Sunday, August 1, 2010

This will contain the entries for August, 2010


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Captains Log September, 2010

Captains Log

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

This will contain the entries for September, 2010


September 28, 2010:

We are anchored in Urbanna Creek, Urbanna, Virginia. Today we re-provisioned for the journey to Florida. On wednesday we picked up mail from the post office. We are watching tropical depression 16 development, since we plan to leave here on Friday and sail down the Chesapeake Bay to Norfolk, VA.

It has been very difficult to find wi-fi this summer in the Chesapeake Bay area.


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Captains Log October, 2010

Captains Log

Friday, October 1, 2010

This will contain the entries for October, 2010


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Captains Log November, 2010

Captains Log

Monday, November 1, 2010

This month found us in New Smyrna Beach and anchored off the ICW approximately mile 847. We visited Jean’s sister, Teresa, at the Clay Gallery. The Clay Gallery is a very nice stop where you feel very welcome. There is work every day in the work shop making plates, bowls, and other pottery. The firing takes place when there are enough items to fill the very large kiln.

I purchased a Honda EU 2000i generator and had it shipped it to the Clay Gallery. I am now using this to charge batteries on the boat which is saving considerably on the diesel engine. However, it now takes longer to charge the batteries since the boat battery charge system is 40 amps while the alternator on the diesel is de-rated from 100 amps to about 60 amps. There are always trade-offs!

We enjoyed several lunches at the Little Drug Company, New Smyrna Beach, Florida. It reminds one of the lunch counters back in the 1950’s! Of course all you folks younger that 60 would not know what I am talking about. Even the prices are very reasonable and it is “down home” cooking. They have large one scoop ice cream cones for $2.83! I keep my ice cream wants fixed here.

We left New Smyrna Beach on November 11 for the Eau Gallie Yacht Basin where we enjoyed staying at a dock while attending the SSCA (Seven Seas Cruising Association) Gam, which is a convention of boating folks who are already cruising with their boats or are planning to very soon. The event is held at the Eau Gallie Convention Center and is called the Melbourne SSCA. It is a great place to attend seminars and find boating vendors. The WRCC (Waterway Radio and Cruising Club), for amateur radio people, has their annual picnic on Sunday where we enjoyed meeting other folks with similar interests.

After the fun times we left and continued south on the ICW eventually arriving in Indiantown Marina, Indiantown, Florida for some refit work.

We took time out from the refit work to go to go to Jean's sister's place in Vero Beach. We did dog sitting one time. We also visited for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. All this got us off the boat and away from the refit work for a few days "vacation" and sleeping in a bed that does not rock, a nice shower, and large rooms. We had to walk from one room to another just to do things! I can sit at the table in the boat and reach around and get coffee from the galley. Five steps away is the head (bathroom) on the boat. Not so in a house. Everything is so spread out!

This ends the November report.

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Captains Log December, 2010

Captains Log

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The November and December work list included the following:

Wow! That was a lot of work. Nice long days with some time our for the weekly Saturday night barbeque and bring a dish to pass. We also spent a few evenings with our friends Bill and Char Riggs who live in Indiantown.

Saturday, early morning, 06:24 AM, December 18, 2010 we started the diesel and brought the dock lines on board. We are underway to the Bahamas! We exited the St Lucie Lock around 9:45 AM. We left Florida though the St Lucie Inlet and soon were in the Gulf Stream. The seas were a little confused and the Gulf Stream current set us north a little ways. We anchored off Great Sale Cay on Saturday at 10:55 AM, December 19, 2010 at 26° 59´ N and 078° 13´ W to rest up before continuing.

The next day the wind was up so we set two reefs in the mainsail, weighed anchor, set a partial jib and sailed to Pensacola Cay, Bahamas where we set anchor at 26° 58.2´ N and 077° 39.5´ W for the night. Time for cheese, crackers, and a cold beer before supper. The following day, Tuesday, December 21, 2010 we anchored off New Plymouth, Green Turtle Cay, Bahamas where we cleared customs that afternoon, receiving 90 days time to stay in the Bahamas. The length of time can be increased by going to an immigration office.

We enjoyed a Christmas program at the Anglican Church. We did not go to Christmas Eve services as they started after 10 PM and went to after midnight. Jean said she just could not stay awake that long!

Art found ice cream at Three Sister's Restaurant. Jean found fresh bread at Sid's Food Store. We enjoyed our stay at Green Tuttle but the time came for us to leave. We tried to pick up gas and water at the Other Shore Club but the dock master went for lunch and had not returned by 1:30 PM so we left and we went to the Green Turtle Club dock and picked up fuel there After leaving Green Turtle Cay we went around Whale Cay and then back onto the Sea of Abaco.. We anchored off Great Guana Cay later in the day.

The next day we set sail for Lynyard Cay expecting to anchor for the nigh and get underway the next day. When we arrived north of Lynyard Cay we discovered the North Bar Channel did not have a rage from the seas just a very large swell. We decided to exit the Abacos and left the Sea of Abaco behind us and headed for Exuma Bank. The diesel was shut down at 4 AM since the wind picked up. We were now under sail and no noise from the diesel! We arrived at the Fleeming Channel southwest of Eleuthera Island on Art's watch before day break, so he heaved to, and waited for the morning light before continuing on to the banks that had scattered coral heads. We anchored December 30 off Roberts Cay, Exuma Bank, Bahamas at 24° 47.7´ N and 076° 50.1´ W. It was a nice crossing of the Northwest Providence Channel. One large cruise ship and several freighters were sighted on Art's watch. Art had to change course for one freighter to allow it to pass off the bow at a safe distance.

December 31, 2010 found us anchored off Leaf Cay east of Allens Cay, anchored in Allens Harbour where there were six other boats at anchor. We went ashore to find some large Iguanas and some ruins. We also took the dinghy over to the beach on SW Allens Cay but the water became so shallow we anchored the dingy and walk ashore to the beach and hiked around. There were more large Iguanas here. We spent a nice quiet evening aboard and went to bed early. We did not stay up to bring in the New Year!

We continued down the Exuma chain of islands on the Great Bahama Bank stopping and anchoring off various Cays.We were pleasantly surprised when we came upon motor vessel First Nanny with Tony and Renate aboard anchored off Normans Cay. We knew them from Indiantown, Florida where we were both working on our boats. Tony came over and said that we should go to the Conch Village and get some conch. So we all went ashore and hiked over to a bay where we went into the water and just picked up conch in the water along the rough limestone beach. We were then invited over to their boat for conch fritters along with another couple Larry and Kathy on the sailing vessel Nuvo. We all brought a dish to pass, had a very nice dinner, and a great evening together.

From Normans Cay we went to Warderick Wells which is part of the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park, the first land and Sea Park in the world. It is a no-take zone by both land and sea – nothing living or dead, can be removed from the park. We picked up a mooring ball, E22, south east of Emerald Rock off Rendezvous Beach. We took the dinghy over to the park office to pay for the mooring. We enjoyed hiking on the rough limestone paths. Boo Boo Hill provided a magnificent panoramic view of the central Exumas. We found the trail on Rendezvous beach which round around to Loyalist ruins dating from 1780 fade from limestone rock and conch shell mortar. From Beryl’s Beach we hiked along a rock wall over the Exuma Sound side of Warderick. Then we were stuck on the boat for two days while a strong cold front came through and gave us a good bouncing on the mooring.

This ends the December report.

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