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This is the Simrad HLD2000 Mk2L Hydraulic Linear Drive installed in August, 2008.

The is the Simrad RF300 Rudder Feed Back unit. The cable is wired to the computer. The long object in the front is the rod that hooks to the rudder feed back unit and the steering quadrant.

This is the steering quadrant on Samana. The hose to the left is the exhaust and water discharge from the diesel. You can see the cables that come from the wheel steering in the cockpit.

The rod with the 90 degree bend is the rudder stop. It is positioned to stop the quadrant on the inside. The rod was shortened to make room for the quadrant insert.

This picture is at a different angle to show both the rudder feed back rod at the top of the picture and the linear hydraulic drive connection at the bottom of the picture. The rudder stop is shortened in this picture. Both the rudder feedback and linear drive studs are on the same line from the rudder post.

A hole was cut into the bulkhead on the port lazarette and a structure built to hold the hydraulic linear driver unit. The long distance is needed for the rod as it travels back and forth, moving the steering quadrant.

This hydraulic linear drive is now mounted on the structure that was fastened to the bulkhead with epoxy and fiberglass cloth.

This is the hydraulic linear drive rod through the port lazarette bulkhead to the steering quadrant.

The wooden bracket attached to the rudder post holds the rudder feedback unit. It is critical that this unit be mounted correctly in relation to the rudder post and movement of the steering quadrant. The wooden bracket was assembled with epoxy and clamped to the rudder post. The bottom clamp provides additional strength to insure the unit does not shift on the rudder post.
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