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This is the Simrad AC20 Autopilot Computer with some of the connections completed.

The computer is the black box in the upper left center of the picture. All of the connections are complete. The cover over the terminal blocks in this picture remains to be installed.

This is Simrad AP16 Control Unit installed and working at the helm station. The lat/long on the display comes from the GPS. The GPS NMEA 0183 navigation interface on the computer is connected to the GPS at the navigation station and to the GPS at the helm station. The control unit can select which GPS to use for the navigation route or just heading control. With out the GPS input the control unit selects the compass heading to hold a course.

The shows both the autopilot control unit and the GPS at the helm station. If you click on this picture and enlarge the next picture you will see that the lat/long is the same on both the GPS and the autopilot control unit. Use the "back" button on your browser to return to this page.

This shows is the completed box that protects the hydraulic linear drive in the port lazarette. An aside is the stuff in the lazarette including a scuba tank below the frame and box that holds the drive.



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