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This pictures shows the damaged plastic port lights.

Epoxy placed on the delamination layers near the port light is held in place with c-clamps.

The new port lights were larger than the old ones. Masking tape allowed drawing the new opening for a cutting line.

The c-clamps hold the delamination and epoxy together for the repair.

The port light on the left is curing and the port light on the right is next.

There were six port lights to repair. The taping and cutting the new size became easier as more were completed.

The far port light on the starboard side is installed and open. The near port light opening has more work.

One installed, more to go! The next project is painting the boat!

Two completed and one to go on the port side. The life of a cruising sailor who owns an old boat is very busy! The work goes slow since the cruising sailor gets a project completed and then goes sailing while new projects wait. No more pictures!
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